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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Looking Back

To anyone who still looks at my blog, I have came back to my high school I step onto the campus and immediately got the memories back into my mind so vividly, that it was almost as though I was stairing into the cliche fainting images of the memories. The fading faces of people I use to see everyday, spent my higher points of life with. It is amazing to me how much of a chill I get walking back into 608, 222, these classrooms that I spent my better part if my high school career in, and as I look book at my work, especially on this blog, I see points that I wish I would have done a better job on, or not half assed this or that. To you athlets out there, I'm positive you heard your coach say, "always give everything you have, because most of you, if not all of you, will never play this game after high school." I am writing to you all, as a first year college student, saying to you that YOU, will never play this game again. Freshman, softphmore, junior, senior, 1-8th grade, you will never be able to play this game again. I'm not even considering being held back because for most of us, that should'nt even be in question! So the point of this rant I guess, is to really tell all of you, to give it your all on every assignment, even if you get to the point where you only have 50%left of your human existence because you are so done with life! Your so tired! Trust me, I've been there! Give that 50% to that last essay, last sentence, last question, what have you, give it, you don't wanna look back and think, wow, I really wish I would have given more on this assignment to get that A. Give it your all, because when I am looking back, and I read something that I was like, hell yes u crushed that f****** assignment. Work on each assignment so when you look back on that assignment, you are proud that it cam from you.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Walking up to this "classroom" every day I look right at this number as I approach the door. Although my thought isn't "here we go again" with a drag in my voice, it's more of "what lies with in? " as said by Forest Gump, "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get." Well 608 is the same way, you walk into a seemingly normal classroom and you are instantly struck with a journey. You have a proposed question that instantly brings you to thought. So many times for me I don't feel like I'm in room 608 at righetti high school, but more so in this room, 608, floating through out the sky, pin balling around in a never ending space. Just like the mental journey you go on, you have endless amounts of thought and you are literally just pin balling through what your mind comes up with. This is not a classroom, but more of a space, a space that hold endless possibilities, you could end up walking out with this space with a great idea that will define your life. Or you could walk out with an essay that you will either be very excited to write, or not so excited, but where you land once you walk out of the space is up to you. This space literally can be seen as the train of thought.... Train 608 now boarding, no tickets needed.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Over the weekend I encountered a bad situation with my mechanics. My cars passenger side breaks were f****** shot. Full failure, and while working with my buddy to fix the breaks we found out that the threads to rebolt the breaks back on, well there weren't any, so we had to make threads using a helacoil. We thought the threads were 10 measurement, when it was actually and 11. In order to fix these breaks temporarily I would need to be able to find a way to keep my breaks on. I ended up now having a BMW bold in place of where the old on was. In the words of my friend, "If they make it, I can find it, if they don't, I can build it." :)


Why? Why anything,  why do you get up in the morning, why do you question the things you question? Why are you who you are, why did you choose to become who you are? Comment to this post of you have a response? Maybe we can have a conversation that is meaningful to other people that will make sense to them and help people really understand why they are who they are.